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DaaS Pricing Plan

Experience the future of work with our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution! Say goodbye to hardware limitations and hello to flexibility. Access your personalized desktop from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Enjoy seamless collaboration, enhanced security, and simplified IT management. Elevate your productivity with DaaS – your virtual desktop, tailored for your success.

$50-$200 Per User Per Month

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Managed DaaS

Our cutting-edge DaaS platform offers seamless collaboration, robust security, and hassle-free IT management.


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  • What is DaaS / Desktop-as-a-Service
    Desktop-as-a-Service is a cloud computing solution that provides employees with secure remote access to all of their applications, files and data from any location, at any time.The data is stored safely in a public/ private cloud and can be accessed on nearly any internet-enabled ‘smart’ device. Desktop as a Service, formerly known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) consolidates all external IT assets and legacy/SaaS applications into one platform to simplify IT administration. Each user is provided with a dedicated CPU and memory allowing them to work exactly as they would with a traditional laptop or desktop, often with improved performance, better security and seamless user experience.
  • What pain points does DaaS solve for?
    Hardware Limitations: DaaS removes the reliance on physical hardware, allowing users to access their desktop environment from any device with an internet connection. This eliminates the constraints associated with specific devices or hardware failures. Flexibility and Mobility: It caters to the modern workforce's need for mobility and flexibility. Users can access their desktops from remote locations, enabling remote work and easy collaboration without being tied to a specific physical workstation. Scalability: DaaS offers scalable solutions, allowing businesses to easily scale up or down their desktop infrastructure according to their needs without having to invest in new hardware each time. Security Concerns: By centralizing data and applications in secure data centers, DaaS providers can often offer robust security measures, ensuring data protection, compliance, and regular updates without relying on individual users to maintain security protocols. Simplified IT Management: DaaS reduces the burden on IT departments by handling updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting centrally. This streamlines management tasks and allows IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine maintenance. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: DaaS facilitates quicker disaster recovery by storing data and applications in secure off-site locations. In case of hardware failure or other disasters, users can easily access their desktops from alternative devices, minimizing downtime.
  • When should DaaS be considered as part of a hardware refresh cycle assessment?
    The ideal time to explore integrating DaaS into a hardware refresh cycle assessment is when evaluating options for updating or renewing existing hardware infrastructure. DaaS offers more than just device replacement—it extends device lifecycles, enhances security, boosts mobility, and improves end-user productivity, ultimately leading to a better customer experience. By having the conversation about DaaS well in advance, organizations can discover its potential beyond a simple hardware substitute.
  • What is the level of effort in implementing Virtual Desktops / Desktop as a Service?
    Proper planning, assessment of needs, and involving relevant stakeholders can help streamline the implementation process. The implementation process goes through the following steps: Extend a customers’ network into the data center solution Build out DaaS tenant Getting the image ready Installing applications Add licensing
  • What is Managed DaaS?
    Managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) refers to a service model where a third-party provider takes responsibility for managing and maintaining the virtual desktop environment for an organization. In this setup, the provider handles the infrastructure, software, security, updates, and support associated with the DaaS offering.
  • What are the costs to consider when evaluating DaaS?
    Not only does DaaS offer a significant reduction in support costs—up to 60% for user bases leveraging VDI or DaaS compared to traditional client computing solutions—it also simplifies administrative tasks. By eliminating the need for device procurement and provisioning, DaaS simplifies organizational dynamics and cuts costs.
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