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Solutions offered through Expert Technical Services

Providing consistent, integrated solutions that accelerate business growth. 

Accelerate Value and Reduce Risks

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Through the consumption of Hybrid cloud services, Public cloud services and solutions, businesses are able to deliver faster, reliable services to their customers and we are at the forefront of providing such services. With a comprehensive list of partners, and industry experts, we have the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

Managed Modern Distributed Applications

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Scalability  and high availability are key requirements when planning the development of solutions. By providing the services, and resources needed to design , deploy and manage these complex systems collectively, our clients are well positioned for growth.

Modern applications are complex. Automating the tasks involved in deployment of these applications, security, monitoring, data security and analytics are some of the services necessary to drive delivery.

Data Management and Security

Cloud based backups, disaster recovery plan, data encryption and data governance solutions help businesses manage and secure their proprietary data

Taking advantage of these offerings, be it in the cloud or on-premises, 12nets is poised to design, deploy and manage comprehensive data management solutions

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Data Center Consulting

Assessment and Analysis

Business Requirements Gathering

Data Center Strategy and Roadmap

Technology Recommendations

Data Center Design and Architecture

Cost Optimization

Vendor Management

Monitoring and Performance Optimization

Enterprise Network and Security

An illustration representing enterprise network and security. The image depicts a network infrastructure with interconnected devices, such as servers, routers, switches, and firewalls. Security elements like padlocks, shields, and lock icons surround the network, symbolizing robust security measures.

Our partnership with Cisco and Cisco Meraki provides our clients with the best in class cloud based network solutions for business networks, management, network security, remote site connectivity and a suite of sensors for business security.

Meraki dashboard offers centralized visibility and control of all network devices, mobile device management and automation of network deployments anywhere in the world 

Professional Services

Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Network deployments, Management, 24/7 IT support are among the suite of services we offer.

With strategic IT consulting and partnership with world leading technology providers and access to a team of experts, we are positioned to help businesses with their technology solution needs

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Our Solution Partners

12NETS supports, curates and manages technologies from market-leading partners. In conjunction with our partners, we are able to provide full integrated solutions that deliver results


12nets certified engineers with in-depth understanding and proven track record in delivering solutions can help customers realize various long term and short term benefits such as:

Solar Heating Buildings
Scale up/down as per business requirements
Flexible payment & Service consumption pricing
Scalable Service delivery model
Unified reporting and SLA managment

Our Clients

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